We are a Catholic Church

We are an Eastern Right Catholic Church in full communion with the Pope of Rome.  There are 23 Eastern Catholic Churches that together with the Latin or Western Rite churches make up the Catholic Church.  Whether Eastern or Latin, though all accept the spiritual and juridical authority of the Pope.  While we accept the canonical authority of the See of Rome, we retain our distinctive liturgical rites, laws, customs and traditional devotions and have our own theological emphases.

Pope John Paul XXIII said “I believe that it is so important for the vitality of the whole world. We must first unify the Eastern and Western lungs of Christ’s Mystical Body, before we can truly embrace the whole world within the maternal arms of the Gospel. And yet even now in our sundered state, it is important for us as brothers and sisters to recognize the equality of our religious progress, to share our spiritual insights with one another and the great spiritual patrimony that binds us.”