Meditation For Palm Sunday, 2018

Metropolitan Stefan Soroka:

Have you ever felt alone even when surrounded by people? You feel that no one really knows you for the person you really are. Jesus knows how you feel. The Palm Sunday Gospel story tells of one such occasion in the life of Jesus. Jesus knew the crowds singing ‘hosanna’ was hollow. They had hoped that Jesus would deliver them from political domination by Rome. Jesus had not come to give them political freedom. He had come to give them something more. He had come to Jerusalem during the Passover to be their sacrificial lamb. He had come to give them eternal life with God. Even the disciples did not comprehend the significance of that ride into Jerusalem. No one seemed to be aware that Jesus had come to Jerusalem to die. He would not set up an earthly kingdom, but he would establish a spiritual kingdom by sacrificing himself. How lonely Jesus must have felt. Jesus carried the weight of loneliness. Jesus survived Palm Sunday because he had hope and faith in his heavenly Father. Next time you feel alone or think that no one really understands your secret thoughts, take heart. Someone does know how you feel. He is waiting for you in the calm lonely eye of the stormy crowd. He went through his Palm Sunday experience alone, so that you will not have to go through yours the same way. Even when those around you will not, or cannot understand you, God does! Reach out to Jesus Christ this Holy Week in special prayer, meditation and through Holy Confession. You will come to know Him more personally in His resurrection on Easter Sunday! A Blessed Holy Week!


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